Ras-al-khaimah Roadtrip With Bin Majid

A beach getaway is a rarity for the average person, a moment to relax and enjoy the gentle swing of the waves and the sound of birds in the distance. If the opportunity ever arises, the perfect hotel to visit would be none other than Bin Majid Beach Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah

For many in UAE, Ras-Al-Khaimah is the go-to destination for weekend getaways with friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. With as many hotels as there are shells on the seashore, it can be quite the task to find and pick the right one for you. Bin Masjid is without a doubt the perfect pick, certainly a visit that would make the road trip worth it.

Many packages are on offer from this rather large hotel, the right fit for a family for sure. Being run by the Bin Masjid group,they are already known for their excellence with managing the Acacia and Mangrove in RAK.

Bin Majid Beach Resort welcomes you with a long stretch of shoreline. The beach isn’t made of powdery white sand but a mix of fine pebbles, stones, and maybe eroded corals —lending the beach a tan (or an almost white) color. The water is very cool and refreshing to the skin. When in the water, rub your foot lightly on the sand and voila! Instant skin exfoliant!

If you’re fortunate or pick your bookings right, you might end up with a gorgeous view when you gaze out your window. The spacious interiors, huge king-size beds, loveseat/lounger and a glass walled bathroom are just some of the spectacularly designed features in most rooms. The suites come with everything your heart desires for relaxation – Large flatscreens, rain showers, espresso machine, sound system, etc. The room in itself would suffice for your entire trip if you didn’t wish to step out to the beach and get yourself a tan,

All your dining needs can be sated by AL RAHALA restaurant. The buffets are absolutely jam packed with all sorts of lovely desserts, cakes, mouth watering pastries and a variety of warm dishes too. Even if you don’t plan to stay in the resort, we still highly recommend coming here to have a hearty buffet or meal


There are other attractions available too thanks to their private beachfront, waterboarding, kayaking and a few other exciting opportunities await you. 

If quiet but quality time is what you seek then look no further than Bin Majid Beach Hotel and Resorts. 

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