Must Watch Off Beat Netflix Shows In 2022

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Why scroll through endlessly to try and find something to watch when we have you covered with our list of old shows that are getting a new season, as well as brand new shows that are the perfect quarantine binge. 

  1. Arcane 

Arcane is the gorgeously animated TV series from the creators of the hit video game “League of Legends” and the genius minds over at Fortiche. The story follows the power struggle, corruption, and the journey of our main characters, each of which have their own adversities to overcome, eventually culminating in branching paths colliding and leading to incredible pay-offs. Every frame is a painting, quite literally and figuratively, you can see the incredible attention to detail in every second of the show, every background seeming dynamic and popping with colour wherever necessary. It’s a treat to the eyes, the story is fantastically written, it’s only 9 episodes but a second season has already been announced as is in production. Go into it blind, you won’t regret it!


  1. Midnight Mass

For those who are a fan of horror and mystery, one of the best shows this season currently on Netflix is none other than Midnight Mass. The story is slow but it doesn’t feel badly paced, every scene feels like it has a reason to it, you simply have to wait. There are times where it leaves you at the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting what’s behind it all, the suspense and mystery of not knowing how all of this ends. The characters are well written and believable, absurdity still peaks around the corner at times, but it isn’t in any way distracting from the narrative. 


  1. Better Call Saul

Who hasn’t heard of breaking bad? Well, if you haven’t then now is your chance to rectify that cardinal mistake. Whole essays can be written about Breaking Bad alone, this however isn’t about that show, but rather the spin-off series “Better Call Saul”. 

BCS follows Jimmy Mcgill and his rise to becoming the sleeze-bag lawyer from the Breaking Bad series named Saul Goodman. It’s an explosive show with incredible set-up to every one of their punchy and emotional climaxes. Every character is likable in their own way, Bob Odenkirk carries the spotlight better than anyone can, his charisma, heart and sentiment shown is incomparable. The final season is set to launch some time in 2022, catch up now so you are all filled in for the release date.


  1. Cobra Kai

Some of you might have heard of or seen a classic movie from 1986 called “Karate Kid”. Cobra Kai is the direct sequel TV series featuring the main cast grown up and with families of their own. The show has a lot of emotion put into it, not to mention intense drama and choreography in its action. It was once a Youtube exclusive that has since been taken by Netflix, Season 4 has just been released and is entirely available to binge. The show has similar story beats to the original movie that spawned the franchise, the titular characters are given roles as older versions of themselves, some with happy lives, others in a slump needing to claw their way up and regain the respect their name once carried. It’s a must watch, entertaining through and through. 


  1. The Witcher 

As someone who loves video games, this is a great year to be a fan, multiple amazing tv shows that gained popularity as video games are all being adapted into hit tv shows. The Witcher, originally a set of Polish novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It was then adapted by the amazing game studio CD PROJEKT RED, gaining mass publicity and incredible acclaim, and now finally as a proper TV series. The role of Geralt is helmed by none other than Henry Cavil of Superman and DC fame. The world is filled with monsters, magicians, nobles and soldiers among other things. The Witcher is a title that holds strength in the world, men born of strange practices, monster hunting, killing and following a path of their choosing, the mere mention of a Witcher grips lesser men with fear. The second season has just been released, more familiar characters from the book and video games have been introduced to critical acclaim and a lot of praise. You won’t regret watching this either.

How many of these are off or on your watchlist?


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