“Light up the Star” Movie Review – Jiang Jiang Liu directing his way through loneliness and love.

Through the intense adaptation of emotions and action, JiangJiang Liu has brought a comedic yet critical family drama to the cinemas.

Lighting up the Stars is a rollercoaster of many emotions. This pleasant film portrays a captivating relationship between ex-convict Mo San Mei (Zhu Yi Long) and an orphan girl Wu Xiao Wen (Yan En You) who recently lost her grandmother. It is a family drama the audience would expect melodramatic comedy but on the contrary, this was well-acted and objected realism to in every section of the film. It was never too much but it was not less at the same time.

This story revolves around two strangers who meet at an unpleasant event. Mo SanMei is an ex-convict who went to prison for assaulting a man with whom his girlfriend cheated on him. He was never a favorite person in his family. His father had tagged him to be a disappointment. 

Wu Xiao Wen is a little orphan girl who lives with her uncle’s family and grandmother. These two characters met at Xiao Wen’s grandmother’s funeral, where San Mei’s family was hired for the funeral. When Xiao Wen watches them take her grandmother to a coffin, she runs away from home to find her grandmother, just like any innocent child would do. 

Xiao Wen found SanMei’s place and a new adventure started for them. It starts from bickering to not wanting to leave each other’s side. San Mei getting attached to Xiao Wen was very well predictable. However, the reality shows how Xiao Wen enhances San Mei’s personality but does not alter it in any way. 

He was short-tempered from the moment he fought with his ex-girlfriend Hai Fei’s (Li Chun’ai) lover. To the very moment when he fought with his dad over how he never gave him the love and attention he deserved. This shows how he puts out his sadness and loneliness through his uncontrollable aggression.

Nevertheless, multiple scenes showed his loving and docile character that gave endearing parenthood to Xiao Wen who did not even know how parents could be. His good side was also portrayed through a small scene with his father which was so well-acted by Luo Jing Min and Zhu Yi Long.

Yan En You mirrored her character with extreme innocence and adorable gestures and emotions. Her character gave the movie a whole different light. Her character was intelligent, soft, straightforward, and loving. She had a great grip on the movie with her essence and will melt everyone’s heart.

Altogether, Lighting up the Stars is a well-acted, well-made, and stunning presentation of a real-life family movie. 

Reported by Siddika Raj


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