ESMOD Dubai 2022 Graduates Represent the Next Wave of Fashion Talent to be On Full Display at Upcoming Grad Fashion Show Guaranteed to be Spectacle of Drama and Theatrics

Graduates of ESMOD Dubai will showcase 12 intriguing couture collections, each of six ensembles, at a special fashion event to be held specifically for a select audience of VIPs, fashionistas, trendsetters, and influencers on June 27th.

Once again Dubai has attracted the best young talent, and the show will further establish the Emirate as a fashion hub. ESMOD Dubai is a branch of the ESMOD International Fashion Institutes & University Group founded in Paris in 1841 by the master tailor Alexis Lavigne. On this occasion, prestigious awards will be presented in several categories including Contemporary woman, Art & Design, New luxury, Emerging Designer and New couture.
The esteemed panel of judges include Reda Achaichia, Manager at Chanel Dubai and Mme Boutaqort, Managing Director of renowned boutique That Concept Store.

In keeping with the bespoke and customization theme of the show, the unconventional venue is the FOS Automotive Car Customization Laboratory, a specially fitted high end garage with exotic cars forming the backdrop for this unique event.
According to the ESMOD Dubai team, the space underscores the free flowing and exciting outfits that combine with novel techniques to take expression and design to a whole new level of imagination and innovation.

The graduates from different cultures and nations have created attire that speaks eloquently of a new world and a new time, many with a futuristic thrust that adds to the cut and weave of the clothes on display. Adding to the visual treat is the exhilarating use of colour to tell a story and create its own narrative.
“We have always encouraged new ideas and concepts in design and fabric and our students have the freedom to try out what has never been done before and experiment, so long as it is done with reason and educated intent,” said Mrs Tamara Hostal, one of the two founders of ESMOD Dubai. Along with co-founder Dennis Ravizza, since its inception in 2006 the institute’s courses have nurtured creative individuality, developed aesthetic sense, and enhanced superior garment making skills of students in the region by employing a practical methodology that has become a symbol of the ESMOD tutoring system.

Ms Hostal added that it is no surprise that ESMOD’s high standards and its position as the world’s oldest fashion house cements its reputation as a worldwide education leader in fashion design and pattern making for ready-to-wear options. That a branch in Dubai attracts students of such high calibre is evidence of the exquisite balance between tradition and the contemporary extending to the future. “Let us say our students go into the world a cut above others,” she said.

The ensembles reflect history and tradition as well as modernity extending into a tomorrow yet to be seen. Dazzling, colourful tribal motifs from Ethiopia, stunning clothes from Iran, young and bold options from India, a sustainable collection that establishes the idea of zero wastage are all integral to the show.
Also being modelled are a mafioso inspired wild and riveting set from Italy, a dashing and electrifying series that demands to be painted upon with an abandon that is emotionally charged. There is also a quiet and reflective element that traces the journey from life to the end and a dramatic explosion of patterns projecting the darker side of things, aggressive and almost violent but stirring and compelling in its demand for attention.
Savoir faire, Manga and childhood memories are just some of the distinct themes that have inspired these unique collections.

The 72 designs being modelled have used bespoke materials, employing unique methods including crochet, fabric manipulation, hot and cold felting, needle felting and staining of the material with the emphasis on breaking barriers and thinking out of the box. With sustainability high on the global fashion agenda, the graduates have incorporated this important trend into their collections including the use of natural fibres, natural dyes and tints and the recycling of old fabric.


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