Can’t focus at home? Here are our pick of the top 5 most affordable and quiet locations to work at

Its work season again and let be honest, obviously we can go to a Starbucks or Costa for a couple of hours, but can anyone properly focus in there? Its noisy, has slow Wi-Fi and has extremely expensive drinks and snacks. So here is the top 5 affordable and work friendly cafes that you can go to for the next time you need a place to complete your assignments in a good and affordable environment.

1. Revo Cafe

If you live on the Palm, this is a beautiful cafe to set yourself up for the day. Floor-to-ceiling windows mean the cafe is bright for much of the day and if you’re got a sweet tooth, the endless treats on this menu will get you through any hard slog.We won’t lie, this is a foodie favourite as much as it is a worker’s retreat. The usually quite ambiance helps tremendously for those who want to get their head down and focus on their work.

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2. Friends Avenue

Located in JLT, Friends Avenue will have you feeling like you’re working from a little cafe in London somewhere. There’s a great healthy breakfast menu with avocado and eggs in abundance, so it’s a good place to start off your working day. It is usually bustling with other people who are also completing work assignments. The mix of cuisines and decadent coffee helps fuel you while you work. You can choose between an individual table if you want to work on your own or a larger table for a group.

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3. Urban Bistro

This quirky resto in the CNN building is not just for weekdays. Rock up on the weekend, choose any of the wall-lined tables to ensure you’ve got a view of the Media City Lake and a plug socket at your disposal for a full day. The menu is a mix of healthy treats and sweet eats and the large cups of coffee complete everything you need for a desk space away from home.

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4. Wrkbay Co-working & Café

The cafe is great for studying and socializing as it offers a humongous number of facilities. These services include free Wi-Fi, sound systems, whiteboards, TV projector, and self-study offices. Not to mention the relaxed seating in the courtyard area and the outdoor seating that provides the best natural studying environment. This innovative workspace rents study rooms for all. Students and workaholics can purchase monthly packages that include catering. The prices range between 15Dhs/hr to 250Dhs/hr and feature 8-20 participants per groups. The cafe has a lovely fountain in the middle along with beautiful trees and flowers. Moreover, they offer great food including breakfast and sweets by collaborating with the best chefs in town. You can book a table via their website here.

Source: Google

5. Techarc

This café is best for those who prefer to work in a quiet atmosphere, Techarc splits into their café into groups and individuals. The calm atmosphere of the cafe is perfect for group studies. Students and employees can reserve private rooms if they wish. This feature enhances the opportunity for potential students to host their group studies at the cafe. Which creates the spot to be a calm space for the student’s academic/educational needs. Therefore, it brings creativity and innovation out of a student’s mind.

Reported by: Huda Shehzad


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