Are you ready to witness the revival of pre-historic giants? Once
again, IMG Worlds of Adventure has something exciting for you!

Encounter the Jurassic resurgence and trek along for an incredible experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 2022:
Ready to embark on a spell-binding new dinosaur trek, a sequel to your adventure in the Lost

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai’s largest mega-themed indoor amusement destination has
come up with another roaring experience featuring ‘life-sized’ beasts of the past.

The central lobby of the fully air-conditioned theme park with over 1.5 million square feet of
space and 6 epic zones, is now transformed to give you a sneak peek of the most feared
predators to ever walk the face of the earth.

The new face of IMG Theme Park with its lush green amazon forest- setting, features species
from the by-gone era. Watch in wonder as the majestic Metriacanthosaurids, Ceratosaurus,
Yangchuanosaurus and the Allosaurus roar; while the haunting calls of the Oviraptor fills the air.
The beastly predator, Carnotaurus, the bird like Struthiomimus, and Dilophosaurus, are just
perfect to transport you to a movie scene.

You can also discover the excitement of an epic journey bursting with thrills, and adventures
within this new Dino Adventure as these no longer dormant vertebrates are bought back to life
in a fascinating natural setting. Representing dinosaurs from different ages the set up will take
you back to an era which existed millions of years ago. The animatronic dinosaurs feature the
latest technology and dynamic sound effects to recreate an era from millions of years ago.

So, get set to discover a breathtaking prehistoric revival, as you can see life-size replicas of the
giants from the past. Be the first to witness nine more giants overtaking the Lost Valley at IMG
Worlds of Adventure as you experience the dawn of the dinosaurs through the Jurassic and
Cretaceous periods.


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