10 breathtaking places to visit in Armenia this winter.

Although Armenia is considered to be a land of sun and summer is the main season for tourism,
winter has its own charm and beauty in the beautiful country. We selected 10 must do things that
will make your winter stay in Armenia even more unforgettable.

  • Geghard monastery

This UNESCO world heritage site id a popular pilgrimage destination for Armenian Christians,
the monastic complex is partially carved directly out of the adjacent mountain and within its
chapels is a miraculous spring.

  • Garni temple

A day trip to geghard is often paired with a visit a garni village where the only surviving
pagan temple is located.

  • Symphony of stones

An off-road tail into garni gorge leads to a natural wonder called the symphony of stones. It
is an impressive cliff of hexagonal basalt columns which were created by volcanic eruptions.

  • Cascade complex

The cascade is a giant white stairway in Yerevan, Armenia. Climb your way to the top of this
staircase for a beautiful vantage point of the city. You can also get a beautiful view of Mount
Ararat is the weather is playing to your favor.

  • Mount Ararat

Although it is no longer a part of Armenia, Mount Ararat is still a prominent symbol of the
country, is the skies are clear, Mount Ararat can be viewed from downtown Yerevan.

  • Dilijan

Armenia boasts diversity in its landscape, it is noticed when traveling from Sevan to Dilijan.
The two towns are connected by a long tunnel, sunny with mountains on one side, foggy
with lush vegetation on the other. The mountain slopes are covered with pine trees that get
drenched in snow during the winter months.

  • Tsaghkadzhor

Located in the Kotayk province, this town is famous for is spa and health resorts. During
winter, the valleys are filled with snow and people flock to the town to partake in the winter
activities. The Tsaghkadzhor ski resort is known for its ropeway built on the slope of
Teghenis Mount.

  • Lake Sevan

Known as the pearl of Armenia, lake Sevan is the largest body of water in the country. The
tranquil lake is beautifully framed with snow capped mountains.

  • Jermuk

Jermuk is another famous destination in Armenia. It is famous for its healing waters and is
considered to be a medical center by some. During the winters you are surrounded by fir
trees, snow, lights, and most importantly warm and friendly people, making this a must visit
area in Armenia.

  • Yenokavan

Only one-and-half hours of ride from Yerevan, Yenokavan will admire you with its nature and
active sports facilities. Whether you are fond of horse-riding or flying, overcoming obstacles,
or climbing over rocks, Yenokavan is a place to go. Visiting Yell Extreme Park will make your
day in winter as well as in summer.

Reported by Huda Shehzad


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